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29 Mar

blogging for university is nearly over – I hand all this in next week! I originally thought I’d continue blogging, however with moving back home in summer I won’t be able to experience the Glasgow music scene first hand and therefore it’ll probably be forgotten about…it’s a shame really, I’ve really enjoyed being able to write about something I love for a reason rather than just for myself…

although I won’t continue to write as frequently as I have being, I will update the blog if there is anything of interest that I want to share with you all…however this blog has inspired me to start my own personal blog which seems to have already been a hit – I was quite surprised about that! so if you’re interested in taking a look you can click here – although it’s still in the early stages!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the feedback that I’ve got from this blog, the number of people that have viewed it and the contacts that I have made through some of the posts. It was a pleasant change to do coursework that was actually enjoyable for once too!

So I’ve got one more post to go, which should be up by Monday and then that’ll be it for a while probably…thanks to everyone that’s sat and read this and put up with my incessant pleading for views and feedback, followed me on twitter or gave me the opportunity for interviews etc…I’ve really appreciated it all!


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